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Many educational challenges within the education system that impact their learning outcome in Finland.

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integration a challenge in Finland?

Integration challenges like language, social exclusions, and cultural differences, impact the educational experience of migrant origin students in Finland.

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Negative Experiences in schools impact learning outcomes.

Learning outcome and educational aspirations are impacted by inadequate educational systems and negative experiences in school.

Parental background and financial status impact the well-being of Migrant Youths
In Finland, the well-being of children and the use of services that support their development can be negatively impacted by Parental background, financial status and the use of social and health services
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Children of 'immigrant backgrounds' perform worse at Finnish schools.
They also have high drop rates, suffer mental health problems, and have fewer admissions to university programmes.
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Youths of immigrant origin drop out of school and outside the workforce.
Sometimes drop-out rate and underemployment are five times (5X) higher than native Finnish youths.
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YEPP Ry is an individual and group mentoring program that aims to broaden the career perspectives of young people and empower youths in Finland with self-management, social and emotional skills that help them become successful contributors to their municipalities and broader communities. The program builds on the scientifically proven benefits of mentoring and how it supports individual learning and youth career growth.

The program is founded on the belief that all young people should have the opportunity to develop themselves to their full potential. The YEPP Ry program provides support for young people by providing them with a mentor who works closely with them on their career path. The mentors work with the young people to develop their skills so they can become more confident in their choices, which will lead to better decision making in life.



One-on-one mentoring for participating students.


Exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics.


Hands-on, do-it-yourself activities and experiments that will teach, inspire and build motivation.

Group projects

Our youth groups engage in activities that promote the values of self-respect and mutual respect, as well as the skills necessary to work effectively in groups.

Community engagement

Participation in social discussions that will build self-confidence and courage as a changemaker.


Facilitate network with educational and social opportunities around the world.


Documentation of what works and undertaking critical analysis to increase the impact of alternative support for young people.


Giving back to YEPP as co-mentors.


There are four ways to participate in our program: as a student, a corporate sponsor and donate as an individual to support our programs.

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The students are the core of our work. Are you a student looking to participate in our youth program? 

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The parents are key partners in our mentoring program. Our program runs mentor-mentee-parents activities to motivate active participation in the mentoring journey. To participate as a parent, please register your child for our program.

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Are you a corporate, start-up or social enterprise organization looking to become a partner? You can join us as a sponsor. To join us as a sponsor/partner, please contact us.

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Do you have a passion to help youths and want to support our project as a volunteer? Volunteer your time and help us with different things like complete tasks, organize activities, facilitate a workshop, mentor youths and many more.


My children have made new friends and have visited places that we would not have been able to take them to visit.

Mother of a student

My child talked about new experiences after attending a YEPP field trip!

Parent of a Student

My children are always very excited to participate in the Youth Science Club.

Parent of a Student

My son keeps a calendar so that he will not forget his date with his mentor. Great program!

Mother of a student

YEPP Ry's commitment to empowering youths is unparalleled. The program helped me bridge the gap between education and the workforce. The group dynamics allowed us to share experiences and learn from each other. I can say without a doubt that YEPP Ry has been a catalyst for my personal and professional growth.

Sarah J Community Advocate

The mentors at YEPP Ry don't just guide; they inspire. Through one-on-one sessions, I gained insights into career paths that align with my passions. The program instills a sense of purpose and direction, and I'm now more confident in pursuing my dreams. YEPP Ry is a beacon of hope for young minds seeking guidance.

Michael R Empowerment Ambassador

As a part of the group mentoring sessions, I found a community that understood my aspirations and fears. The mentorship cultivated a sense of belonging and empowerment. YEPP Ry has given me the tools to navigate the professional world with confidence, and for that, I'm truly grateful.

Emily C Change Catalyst Coordinator


Our partners and sponsors are critical for our project’s success. Our partners include:


Our partners and sponsors are critical for our project’s success. Our partners include:

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Send us a Message

Looking to support our project?
Are you a parent or someone with expertise that our students can benefit from?
You can participate as a volunteer. Please contact us!